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This modernist style club house was built in the 1960's with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking 165 acres of greens and fairways. This renovation project was based on a need to update the functionality and aesthetics of the club. Through a focus group design planning process with membership, the renovation priorities were identified. The resultant design  respects the early modernist architecture, while creating contemporary and comfortable  settings that improve club operations. The design plans took full advantage of the views and provided some highly desired flexibility to the layout of the three main spaces; the living room, main dining room and lounge. Functional flexibility for a variety of differing special events guided the process. Woven wood feature panels, mounted on casters, allow for easy reconfiguration for events of varying size. Strong architectural features such as the central circular fireplace with skylight were updated with new finishes. Existing ceiling coffers benefited from new lighting and reflective metal mesh ceiling panels, creating a more subdued and welcoming presence.

Furniture  was selected with simple profiles, and rich wood tones to further create a sense of casual comfort. Colors and materials  were selected  in warm grays,  neutrals,  and wheat tones  to  harmonize with the exterior environment's changing seasonal color and to create a more casual, yet elegant style. Interior Design magazine selected this renovation project for it's prestigious  Hospitality Award for best Country Club.