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InSite entry canopy bonsai lobby landscape reception 2 reception conference rooms private office

InSite Real Estate LLC in Oak Brook, Illinois recently underwent a rebranding and relocation process which resulted in their moving their 19,000 SF headquarters into  the top floor of a three-story office building. The new building's entry, lobby and elevator cabs were renovated as part of the process.  InSite is known for their project development, management and construction execution skills. They required a high performance space that reinforced their standard of service, illustrated their transparent work process and  demonstrated their quality of work.

To achieve their design goals of a flexible, visually open team based environment and sales center, a plan was developed that utilized demountable glass walls, a tech zone ceiling and flexible workstations. Centrally located project work rooms with reconfigurable tables, sliding glass display panels, and flexible lighting are used for project management. The conference rooms convey a job site inspired construction aesthetic, with exposed painted fireproofing, and ducts. The executive suite although more private conveys openness through its use of glass and clerestories.

The materials palette is a mixture of contrasting textures, and tones with occasional accents. The reception area features a red automotive finish reception desk, etched mirrored wall panels, chiseled limestone, and a white terrazzo floor with silver mirror chips.